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BlackWolf Tuff All Season Sleeping Bag
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From a selection of great sleeping bags we offer variety such as sleeping bags suitable for the hiker, camper and tourer. We also have a small selection of kids sleeping bags as well. If you are looking to get a good nights sleep then look no further.

Compact & Lightweight: These sleeping bags are perfect for hiking and have one of the smallest packed size in our sleeping bag range. These are small lightweight sleeping bags suitable for hiking and camping where the need to pack light is greatest.

Double Sleeping Bags: These bags are very versatile and have the ability to be separated into single sleeping bags or a large doona. Perfect for couples and are an exceptional value for money option.

Hooded Sleeping Bags: These sleeping bags are perfect for keeping snug while camping, we have an extensive range of hooded sleeping bags. We stock sleeping bags to suit three variable climates at most camping or hiking destinations.

Kids Sleeping Bag: Our range of kids sleeping bags will be sure to please the little person in your life on your next camping holiday. Check out the range of Blackwolf, Coleman, OZtrail and Roman sleeping bags which are available in a variety of colours.

Non-Hooded Sleeping Bags: The range of non hooded sleeping bags come in a variety of colours, styles and temperature ratings to suit any of your camping holiday needs. These sleeping bags can usually be opened and used as a blanket.

Sleeping Bag Liners: Keep yourself extra toasty warm with the Roman and Sea to Summit sleeping bag liners. These sleeping bag lines can add up to 15 degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag on your next cold climate camping or hiking holiday.

A few of the most popular bags include:

The OZtrail Cotton Canvas Jumbo Sleeping Bag - The Cotton Canvas Jumbo -7ÂșC Sleeping Bag is the ideal outback sleeping bag for outback touring and fits most popular swags. With its rugged canvas outer shell for durability, it's the ideal companion for your swag.

The OZtrail Outback Comforter Sleeping Bag The Outback Comforter Sleeping Bag is a New product from OZtrail that is especially designed to be used on a queen mattress by two people. You can really take the luxuries and comfort of home camping with you now!

The Roman Palm Visa - Green one of our smallest and most lightweight sleeping bags suitable for hiking and camping where the need to pack light is greatest.