3-Way Fridges - 12v / 240v / LPG

3-Way Fridges are ideal for those longer stays where keeping the batteries charged is a hassle and mains power is unavailable. Able to run on LPG gas, normal 240V mains power and 12V battery power whilst your car is running.

Dometic Waeco Upright Fridge RM2350 - 3-Way - 90L

Dometic Waeco Upright Fridge RM2350 - 3-Way - 90L

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3-way fridges are very versatile - they can be run on LPG gas, 240V mains power or 12V battery power!

When running on LPG gas they are very efficient & should be able to run for approximately 2 weeks on one 9kg gas bottle!

Before leaving on a trip you can hook these up to the 240V mains power at home to cool your fridge and it's contents right down so that your power draw on your journey is little to none! Also very handy when staying somewhere with 240V mains power!

Also able to be run on 12V battery power...however you will need to have the fridge 12V plug included hard wired to your vehicle due to the high amerage draw (about 10A) being too much for a standard cigarette plug/standard 12V wiring in most vehicles - wiring not included.

Please note that when running on gas, these fridges require a level surface to operate properly so this is something to consider when choosing a fridge - generally they will need to be removed from your vehicle so that they can be levelled properly.