Engel Fridges

Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have a long-established reputation in Australia for their reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. At the heart of Engel Fridges is the unique Sawafuji Swing Motor - a legend of reliability.

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The latest models, the tri-voltage "F" series have the advantage of 12 volt, 24 volt and 240 volt operation built into the unit as well as automatic AC/DC changeover. Also now featuring 'set-and-forget' digital temperature control and built in battery monitors to protect your battery from over-discharge. Add to this the capability of being able to run from a quality AC generator or from a solar panel through a battery and Engel fridges keep getting better!

The most popular Engel fridge is the mid-sized MT45FP Digital Platinum Series Fridge / Freezer - at 40 Litres capacity it suits most individual or small family needs.

The newest model in the Engel lineup is the new MT45FCP Combi. This model takes the ever popular MT45FP and adds a movable and removable internal divider and thermostatically controlled fan giving you the versatility of both a fridge and freezer in one.

Another recent addition to the Engel lineup that has proved very popular is the MR40F Eclipse - This 38L fridge features the same Sawafuji swing motor found in the more expensive models but is able to be offered at a lower price point due to smart design and cutting of luxury features. A tough polycarbonate exterior keeps the weight and costs down and some features of the Platinum Series fridges are cut such as the interior light, digital temperature control and built in battery protection.

Grab a package deal (like this one for the MT45FP) for great savings on a Genuine Engel Transit Bag. These are heavy duty canvas insulated covers that protect your fridge from bumps and scratches thus maintaining it's resale value. It gives an immediate improvement to the insulation properties of your fridge thereby lessening the time the compressor has to run and therefore the draw on your battery - meaning you can go for longer holidays! Also incorporates a handy storage pocket for the cords you're not using or a couple of odds and ends.


While Engel Fridge-Freezers are not made in Australia they have become an Australian icon. For over fifty years the best Portable Fridge-Freezer available in this country has demonstrated its strength and reliability of service in leisure pursuits, business, health and many other aspects of the Australian way of life. From the Red Centre to the Sparkling Coastline, from the Dusty Outback to the Steamy Tropics, Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers are a part of this magnificent country.

Since 1962 well over three million Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have been manufactured and sold all over the world. From Australia to Africa, from Europe to the USA, campers, caravanners, four wheel drivers, truckies, health professionals, armed services, universities and people in many other pursuits and professions have relied on this proven portable fridge freezer for their enjoyment, pleasure and income.

Engel Portable fridge-freezers have already established a reputation in Australia. They are trusted for their great reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. Many people have related stories of car rollovers and collisions, units dropping off trucks and utes and still performing. Thousands of units, some built in the 1960's still operate today keeping food and drink cold or frozen throughout Australia. Engel Portable fridge-freezers have been well known for their range of chest type fridge freezers however they also have a range of built in or freestanding upright units suitable for caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, boats, buses, four wheel drives and wherever else your imagination takes you. These "Uprights" also are powered by the Sawafuji Swing Motor that has been the heart of the Engel Portable fridge range we have grown to trust over many years.

This is the best Portable Fridge Freezer in world and is already used by caravanners, campers, four wheel drive enthusiasts and boat owners to name a few well known users of the Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers. In addition many government departments, small and large couriers and trucking companies, health organizations, and food and beverage companies all over the world find this product invaluable in their day to day operations.