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Dometic Upright Fridge RML8551 - 3-Way - 189L
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Dometic Upright Fridge RMD8551 - 3-Way - 190L - 2 Door
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We carry a wide range of portable camping fridges.  To help you determine the best choice of fridge to suit your needs, please enjoy the following fridge guide.

3 Way Fridges - 3 Way Fridges, or absorbtion fridges utilise some of the oldest,  yet still very good fridge technology.  Absorption Fridges are often referred to as 3 way fridges because they run off of Gas, 12v DC and 240v (mains power).  This makes them very flexible and a popular choice for those who are also off the grid.  They're ideal for a long camping holiday at Fraser Island or in your bush hut.  

However,   3 way fridges do have some disadvantages that should be considered. They are very inefficient on 12v,  usually this means they will require very thick cables run directly to the battery to be able to provide them with the necessary current.  For this reason they cannot usually run from a cigarette lighter outlet.  So for someone looking for a fridge to go touring with this 3 way fridges are not a good choice.

12/24v Compressor Fridges -  12/24v fridges are found in many 4WDs and Trucks throughout Australia.  They're popular due to their great cooling capacity,  low power draw and portability.  Most portable compressor fridges feature the ability to run from 12v (cars) 24v (trucks) and 240v (mains) giving the users great flexibility when travelling.  

Upright Caravan/Boat Fridges - Upright fridges can utilise either absorption or compressor technology.  This allows the end user to decide what suits their needs best.  Upright fridges feature a similar layout to your fridge at home.  This gives greater convenience to the user allowing them to find their wanted foods quicker.  The disadvantage of upright fridges is that they're slightly less efficient, and it is harder to fully utilise each litre of capacity in the fridge as what you could in a chest fridge.  So if you're very limited for space in your boat or caravan,  you might be better off considering a chest fridge instead.

There are currently four significant portable fridge manufacturers in Australia. They are:  EngelWaeco, Dometic & Companion