Hurricane Lanterns

Powered by kerosene; Hurricane Lanterns can provide a great spread of light, very useful when power is not available. Also available with a modern twist the LED hurricane lantern from OZtrail. Perfect lighting for any campsite or at home.

OZtrail offers both Kerosene and LED options in a twist on the classic huricane lantern:
Oztrail Kerosene Hurricane Lantern: Featuring sturdy steel carry handle, up to 20 hours burn time, adjustable wick position to increase or decrease brightness, light and robust construction and also has the option for a mixing the kerosene with as an effective insect repellent. 
Oztrail LED Hurricane Lantern: For a modern twist on a classic style the OZtrail LED hurricane lantern features more than 100 hours of continuous battery life at full brightness! This is acheived through 12 Ultra-White LEDs providing 40 lumens of area light. It also includes a sturdy steel carry case, ON/OFF switch with integrated dimming function and only required 2 x D-cell batteries to run!

OZtrail Hurricane Lantern - LED

OZtrail Hurricane Lantern - LED

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