Delivery Delays FAQ - Where is my parcel?

Author: Jon Burrell   Date Posted:29 November 2021 

Here we answer some FAQ's in regards to delivery delays

Why is my parcel taking so long to be delivered?

For most of this year, all national couriers - Australia Post, Couriers Please, Toll, Aramex etc have been working under immense loads that their systems were not designed for. 

All the courier companies have all done remarkably well in handling these sudden surges in volumes, along with the challenges of working within Covid guidelines and quarantine issues.

Unfortunately sometimes, due to how hard all couriers are needing to work currently this does mean sometimes parcels will get ‘stuck’ where they can sometimes take weeks to show any updates on tracking.  

This is EXTREMELY frustrating for those who suffer from it.  Unfortunately, due to the size of these networks and the amount of moving pieces - there is not a lot that we can do to help get these parcels moving along again. 

The best we are able to do is lodge an investigation against the shipment, watch & wait for their processes to work.  In our experience, some waiting & patience is all that's required for it to be resolved.


But I can't wait anymore! I need my parcel NOW!

We understand if you’re unable to wait, and we’re sorry for these delays. 

If your situation is urgent, then we have the following recommendations available for you to help solve the problem.  Please let us know your preferred solution so that we can approve it, and know what your plan is.

  1. Buy another one locally, and when your original order turns up - return it to us and we’ll refund you at no cost to you. Please let us know within 14 days of receiving your parcel.
  2. Buy another one from us for delivery. Many times when we send another parcel to the same address, it gets delivered in the normal times you’d expect. Then, when you do finally receive your original shipment - decide whether you want to keep it, or return it to us for a refund. 

Why did you use <insert name> carrier - they’re the WORST!?

In our business we currently utilise the services of Australia Post, Couriers Please and Toll.  

We monitor them all for their delivery speed, their reliability, and how gently they handle our parcels. 

If any of our carriers reliably gave our customer service team consistent problems, we’d drop them like a hot potato. The small savings we get in routing our orders via Australia Post, Couriers Please & TOLL does not outweigh the cost of a bad experience.  

It is our observations that issues such as lost in transit, damage in transit, slow delivery happen with all of these carriers at very similar rates.  

OK OK - I’ve waited FOREVER for my parcel.  It hasn't come.  Can I have a refund please?  

We ask that you be as patient as possible, as quite often, the very next day parcels are delivered.

If ultimately, we agree that it appears that the parcel will never be delivered - we are happy to issue you with a refund.  

As part of this, please understand that if the parcel is ultimately delivered - you will be responsible for notifying us that it has been delivered, and working with us to return it promptly.  

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Never received my coleman instant up 10p gold seri

By: on 1 March 2022
Purchased a Coleman instant up 10p gold series tent along with other camping gear back in November 2021, received everything but the tent, contacted the delivery company Toll, they said the delivery was delivered in full, contacted Tentworld, they agreed to refund me and if I ever receive the tent, I have to return it to them, which i agreed to do, they now are backtracking and saying they are agreeing with Toll and now are not refunding me, the proof of delivery from Toll has 8 items delivered, I've purchased 9 items from Tentworld, I don't see whats so hard to understand. Not only did i miss out on taking the family camping during the school holidays, I'm now going to be out of pocket $527!.

Tentworld Response
Good morning Phoung, Thank you for reaching out. I will get the support team to have a good look at this for you and they will be back in touch shortly.

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