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Don't leave power behind when touring or camping anymore with our range of portable generators. Ideal for powering a number of electrical appliances while camping and on the road.

We stock a huge range of the best generators sure to suit your portable electricity requirements, with brands such as Yamaha, Stanley and Atomic. Whether you're after an inverted silent generator or a utility generator for your off grid needs, we have you covered.  


Engel R3000IE 3kVa Pure SineWave Generator

Engel R3000IE 3kVa Pure SineWave Generator

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Our Price: $1,616.00

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Engel R2000IS 2kVa Pure SineWave Generator

Engel R2000IS 2kVa Pure SineWave Generator

RRP $1,199.00
22% OFF
Our Price: $939.00

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Dometic 2100VA Portable Inverter Generator

Dometic 2100VA Portable Inverter Generator

RRP $1,499.00
67% OFF
Our Price: $499.99

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There are a few things to consider when deciding what size, and type of generator you want to buy?  These are:

  1. What do you want to power from your generator?  It is best to write a list of everything you may want to power with the generator, when doing this also write down the total watt consumption for that electrical appliance.  Note also whether any of these devices have sensitive computer chips in them and how valuable they are to you.  If you have sensitive electrical equipment, then you should consider running this from an inverted pure sine wave generator.  You can run these things using cheaper utility generators, however their power longer term can be damaging to sensitive equipment and is not recommended.
  2. How many of these appliances will you want to power simultaniously? Add up all the total watts of all the devices you will want to power simultaniously. This sum will give you the size generator you require.  It may be necessary to compromise on what you have to power at the same time in order to keep your generator portable.  Appliances like air conditioning, microwaves and large TVs can use large amounts of power.  So you may have to decide whether you need to be able to run the microwave to make popcorn, whilst watching a movie and running the air conditioning all at the same time.  You may need to do some crafty juggling such as start the generator,  make your popcorn,  then turn on the TV & airconditioning.  Sacrifices must sometimes be made!! 
  3. Portability?  How portable must your generator be?  Consider how you will be using your generator, and how portable it should be.  Must you be able to carry the generator, or can it be wheeled?  Where will you store it?  Are you buying a generator to supply backup power for your house?  Or are you buying it to power the air conditioning in your caravan.  Where will you put your generator? How far away will it be from you?
  4. Where will you be using the generator?  Generators can be banned in some camp grounds, and are banned in most national parks and state forrests.  They can also be very unpopular in free camps where you're sharing with others.  Inverter generators, as well as providing pure sine electricity, also are usually quieter.  This should be considered if you intend on using your generator near people.  It's always important to ensure you're a considerate camper.  Remembering that it's not just you on holidays, but your neighbours too! Camping is about communities and enjoying the more simple things in life.  Consider whether you really must run your air conditioning all night, or whether you can enjoy the environment you're in totally.  Embrace the weather.  Many of us are stuck in climate controlled environments at work,  why not enjoy the temperatures that our predecessors had no choice about every day.
  5. How noisy can your generator be?  We've covered this off already fairly well in the previous topic.  But this is one that really must be considered thoroughly.  Sadly due to poor behaviour in the past of generator owners this is a hot topic.  Use your generator sparingly around other campers.  We suggest turning it off at 6pm and do not turn it back on until 8am at the earliest.  Be considerate of others sleeping habits.  If you're in a caravan, remember,  tent walls are much thinner and offer no sound barrier.

This is by no means a total list of what to consider when buying a generator but it's a great place to start. Should you have any questions about generators, or want to talk more about them please feel free to drop into your local Tentworld or give us a call, or shoot us an email.  We're happy to talk to you about generators!