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We carry a huge range of Buff Headwear,  the original and best multi functionalal headwear.  Developed by keen off road motorcyclist Juan Rojas who saw the need for headwear that could be worn in all conditions.  Buff Headwear was born.  The original Buff, is made from microfibre that is breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant knitted in a way to ensure comfort and durability.  Because of this it is popular with anyone who spends time outside whether you're a camper, motorcyclist, walker, runner or just like being outside there is a Buff to suit you.

Buff Wool

Buff Wool

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The most popular varieties of Buff in Australia to this day are the Buff Original,  Buff High UV and Buff Wool.  They are popular for different reasons,  following are some of them.

Buff Original, and by far the most popular is 51cms long made from moisture wicking microfibre.  It's popular because it's useful in all weather conditions.  It helps you stay warm,  when you're a bit chilly.  Buff Original also takes the heat away when you're building up a sweat.  It's super thin,  fits nicely under a helmet! It Kills Germs & Odour,  so is great in germy, smelly areas.  Best of all it's durable and will last several years with daily use!

Buff Wool designed specifically for cool to cold weather is made from 100% merino wool.  It's very popular with those participating in low to medium intensity activities,  it's ultrathin so great under helmets.  Buff Wool wicks moisture and is 68cm long, suitable for heads 53 - 62cm.  It weighs a tiny 48 grams.  

Buff High UV is designed with protecting you from harmful UVs in mind, and is perfect for Australia.  Made from 100% Coolmax Yarn it blocks 95% of UVs.  The Buff High UV shares many of the same great properties of the Buff Original, and is able to keep you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot.  It kills germs & odour, and is certified freem from any harmful substances.  It too will last several years with daily use and weighs only 43 grams.

There are 10 Ways to Wear Buff!  Check out this video that shows every way.