Uber Tentworld Camping Deliveries

Tentworld has partnered with Uber for business to bring you the ease and simplicity of having your new camping gear delivered from your local Tentworld store within a 2 hour period.

Uber delivery is available from certain stores in our National network (not Sydney or ACT at this stage - But it's coming!)

To purchase and have your new camping gear delivered.

  1. Browse our catalogue here and make a decision on what you would like to purchase
  2. Call your local store and let them know you would like an Uber delivery
  3. They will tally up the cost of the camping gear, and give you a price on then Uber delivery cost (it's approximately the same price as an Uber share ride)
  4. Pay with your choice of credit card
  5. Your new gear is on its way by the next available driver

It's as simple as that


Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Will I be able to track the driver on its way like Uber Eats?  

No - unfortunately, as the recipient of the equipment you will not be able to track.  However, your Tentworld representative will be able to track your delivery to your door. 

  • Can I have the driver make multiple pickups from various businesses on the way to me?  

No sorry, the Uber booking system only permits one stop. 

  • How much new gear can I order?  

As much as can fit in the boot - we are able to order Uber XL (large cars) for those really big shopping trips!  Or of course, we could order multiple Ubers (a cavalcade - to deliver gear for you & your bus full of friends)