Tentworld Price Match & Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee.

We are so confident our prices are great that we’ll happily guarantee they remain great for 21 days following your purchase! 
If you do happen to find it cheaper after the purchase - don't despair!

Simply email in the link to the competitor pricing and using the same guidelines for our Price Match Guarantee we’ll issue you a Store Credit for the difference!  Letting you buy more goodies for your hard-earned $

Please note:- Our Best Price Guarantee, Price-Match and 21-day offer is only available on purchases made through our website or in one of our stores, and does not include purchases made from Tentworld via other channels such as eBay. 


Price Match Guarantee

We are passionate about driving the best deals we can with our suppliers to ensure that not only are we offering you the best selection of gear & service but also the best prices. 

Our team work on our prices daily, but when there are over 5000 products to maintain sometimes we miss a few…

Simply bring it to our attention when you’re ready to purchase and we’ll be happy to match the prices offered by a retailer that’s able to be validated to allow you to shop at your preferred Tentworld store.

What items does the Price Match Guarantee apply to?

Our guarantee applies to all identical products & services that are:

  •  Stocked at Tentworld
  •  In-stock at our competitors and not excluded from our Price Match Guarantee.
  •  If a non-local retailer, we must include any delivery costs. Local is defined as a 40km radius from a store.


What is excluded from the Price Match Guarantee?

  • Cashback & Coupon offers (ie – supplier cashback or reduced-price available via a paper coupon or electronic codewords)
  • Commercial Quantities and Pricing (ie – a reduced price not available to the public)
  • Stock Liquidations – (ie – a competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership).  
  • Unverified retailers.  If we cannot verify that they are approved distributors of the product - we cannot match these prices.

What about online stores? 

Our Price Match Guarantee includes products you find online – as long as the item is identical and in stock. When assessing the Price Match Guarantee from online stores we also take into account the added costs of delivery to your location (if any).  If the identical, in-stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for the total price lower than the one we’re offering, we will match this total price.