Made by quality brands such as Primus, Gerber and Greenleaf. When exploring the great outdoors, the ideal tool for cutting through vegetation, undergrowth, branches and vines are our range of machetes. Perfect for your next camping or hiking adventure!

Machetes are the bushies best friend, they are great for clearing overgrown trails of lantana and vines (please dont forge your own new trails, remember leave no trace!).  They are a great piece of equipment used around the home for efficiently clearing under growth and weeds.  Before agriculatural machinery came about machetes were regularly used for cutting sugar cane.  They can also be used as an effective cleaver, or to open coconuts,  chopping animal food and just clearing bushes.   Machetes are a great tool for any outdoor person and are a great tool in your inventory.    

KA-BAR Cutlass Machete with Sheath

KA-BAR Cutlass Machete with Sheath

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