CampEzi Swags

Campezi supply some of the best value-for-money swags on the market. All produced using high quality materials and useful features so you are bound to find a Campezi Swag to suit your budget and requirements.

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Traditionally a lightweight bedroll carried by outback Australian agricultural workers who had to travel long distances by foot or on horseback the modern swag has developed into many shapes, sizes and designs to better suit specific needs.

Traditional swags are a basic canvas sleeve with a mattress inside that can be rolled and unrolled in seconds - perfect for those who like a no-fuss setup. These have developed modern features such as insect-proof mesh head panels, head poles and foot supports to keep the weight of the canvas off the occupant, thicker mattresses, full length zippers and PVC floors to improve waterproofing if the swag is sitting in water (Some still prefer the canvas base due to better breathability and no extra waterproofing requirement due to only setting up their swag where the water can run away from the swag).

Dome style  swags were the next evolution in swag design introduced by Darche over 20 years ago. These swags come in a variety of designs - originally starting with a single dome tent style fibreglass or steel pole bent over the head area of the swag to keep the weight of the canvas off the occupant and give them breathing room when raining. These progressed to include a foot pole so that no canvas is resting on the occupant then insect-proof mesh so that the swag could be left open on warm nights allowing for ventilation whilst keeping those pesky biting insects off! Some of the variations now include a third centre pole, multiple head-poles, ridge poles and PVC floors. A nice feature on some of these swags is a handy boot mat to stand on whilst you take your boots off so that you don't drag dirt into your nice clean swag! Swags with ridge poles are great for when you set up your swag on ground that you can't put pegs into as they are free standing.