Beach Tents & Domes

Beach tents or domes are perfect for a day in the sun whether it's at the beach or the backyard. Beach domes offer a easy, convenient way to stay out of the sun for your family. There is a variety of pitching methods sure to suit your next holiday needs.

OZtrail Havana Beach Dome

OZtrail Havana Beach Dome

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OZtrail Beach Dome Pop Up
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OZtrail Sunrise Pop Up
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Beach dome tents are a great way for your family to stay out of the sun when visiting the beach.  

Beach domes are designed to be easily set up, and quick to pack away.  This is so you find your day at the beach hassle free and fun!  Like the beach should be! 

There are two main styles of beach shade shelters.  

There is the typical beach pop up dome that most of you would have seen on your last visit to Australian beach whether it's Burleigh Heads, Bell's Beach,  Mooloolaba or Bondi Beach.

These pop up by just releasing them,  from there if it's windy you may need to set up some of the guy ropes and fill some of the pouches with sand to stop your shade dome from flying down the beach.

To pack away a pop up dome,  it requires a few movements that at first will not be familiar but will quickly become second nature! We recommend getting a demo from one of our staff or watching a youtube video demonstrating the technique and then practicing at home prior to heading to the beach. There is a simple trick to packing them away that can be hard to master when performing in front of a crowd!  Once mastered, it's really quick and easy.

The other newer style of beach shade shelter can be found on the Oztrail Swift Pitch tents.  These tents have their frame built into the tent,  meaning it can still be set up very quickly.  However,  the frame just needs to be folded out and some locking knuckles set in place.  This frame system is slightly more expensive, but the frame offers more stability compared to the pop up tents meaning they can stay on the beach longer when it starts getting windy.