Westrooper Viper Tactical Insole - Small

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Say goodbye to Athlete's foot!


Insoles for shoes can be incredibly important for comfort. Not everyone has perfect feet! These insoles are designed with an open-cell structure, allowing 95% ventilating effectiveness. This superior ventilation provides it with fantastic drying and absorption capabilities. With anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it reduces mould and athlete foot growth on your feet and inside your military boot. With a variety of sizes, the Westrooper Viper Tactical Insole is designed for the avid scout or military person.


Made from POLIYOU allows for greater structural advantages:

  • Open-cell structure which allows 95% ventilating effectiveness
  • Superior drying and absorbing abilities
  • Severely reduces mould/athlete foot growth
  • Unique absorbtion of Ammonia



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