We stock a huge range of tents for virtually any outdoor adventure including family camping, backpacking, hiking and 4WD touring. Our range of quality brands feature OZtrail, Blackwolf, Coleman, Jet Tent,  MSR, Outdoor Connection, OZTENT and Roman.

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If you're looking for a new tent for your next camping adventure, you've come to the right place!  Welcome to Tentworld.  We carry a huge range of tents for all purposes.

This is the majority of the different types of tents that we stock and their advantages:

Oztrail Fast Frame Tents - These tents are fast to pitch and suit couples through to large families.  There is a size to suit everyone.  Often with fast pitching tents you must sacrifice size, for speed.  Not with the Oztrail Fast Frame tents!  

Coleman Instant Tents  - These tents are also fast to pitch, and are available in a good range of sizes.  These tents are great for couples and families.  These Coleman Instant tents are a great range of tents from a long trusted brand in the outdoor industry, Coleman.

Blackwolf Turbo Tents - The Blackwolf Turbo tent was one of the first brands of fast pitching tents with their frame built into the tent itself.   Blackwolf today still lead the fast pitching tent category with a high quality, reliable product with many unique, desirable features sought after by tourers and families alike.  Blackwolf back their product with a enviable lifetime warranty.

Oztent 30 Second Tent - The Oztent 30 second tents are available in a variety of sizes.  Invented in Sydney, Australia,  these tents have become the tent of choice by four wheel drivers, and caravanners alike.  They are popular due to their simple to pitch frame, and unique look. 

Dome Tents - Dome tents are without a doubt the most popular style of tent seen in camp grounds and festivals around Australia.  They're popular due to the huge amount of features and space they offer for a low price.  We stock a huge range of dome tents from all the brands you trust, including, Oztrail,  Coleman, Blackwolf, Companion, Sportiva and Roman.

Hiking Tents  -  Hiking tents are popular for their small size and light weight.  They are not just popular with those who plan on carrying them for many kilometres.  Hiking tents are often sold to those who want to pack a tent into their car,  without giving away a lot of space. They are sometimes used for an emergency campout beside the road.  We keep a great, wide range of hiking tents to suit your next adventure whether it's to Mt Everest or your local national park.  Brands include:  MSR,  Outer Limits, Blackwolf and OZtrail.

Cabin Tents - Cabin tents are one of the oldest designs around.  If you went camping with your parents this is probably the type of tent you went camping with.  You know what they say,  when something ain't broke, you dont fix it.  This definitely applies for the cabin tent.  Their design is simple, and reliable yet it offers a large amount of open space perfect for longer camping holidays with your family.  New cabin tents take advantage of modern manufacturing techniques and apply this to the old cabin tent design resulting in a more reliable, better value and  higher quality tent than what was available for your parents and grandparents.
Roof Top Tents - We Also stock roof top tents which are a great addition to any 4WD and are a popular tent for tourers.