Dome Tents

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Dome tents, from family dome tents, 2-3 person dome tents, 6 person dome tents, and even 12 person dome tents you will find them all here at Tentworld. We have a large range of camping dome tents to suit all your needs, wide range of sizes, designs and prices to suit everyone from the couple on a weekend trip to a large family on a camping holiday.

Caring for your Dome Tent

First things first, find a good site for setting up your tent, ensure that all rocks, sticks and debris are removed from under the tent, using a ground sheet will help your tent floor and also the grass that you are pitching your tent on to last longer.

Care and look after your tent when in use, this might seem like an obvious step however a small thing like taking your shoes off outside the tent helps keep the tent clean and free from stray rocks or sticks that might get stuck in your shoes.

When it comes to packing your tent away make sure you allow it to completly dry before you pack it up, if not it will cause mold which can be a lengthy process to get rid of. If you do need to pack your tent up quickly in the rain then make sure you set it up again when you get home to allow it to dry out.

Following these simple tips will save your money and make your tent last as long as possible, Happy Camping!