Cabin Tents

CampEzi Sunroom 12x15 Polyester

CampEzi Sunroom 12x15 Polyester

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Cabin tents use a very old established design.  These were the most commonly seen tent during the 70s and 80s in Australia and possibly earlier.  

They remain popular today due to the advantages that they offer - mainly their durability and spaciousness.  If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Cabin tents offer a level of space and comfort that is hard to beat with other tent designs.  The walls are very near vertical,  which makes the tents very spacious.  

The near vertical walls allows you to really utilise every piece of available floor space in your tent.  Allowing you to layout your rooms similar to how you might at home. With storage against the walls, leaving room in the middle to setup your camp.  

Cabin tents are typically made from canvas,  usually rip-stop canvas but they can sometimes be made from polyester too.  Typically, they will have a heavy duty PVC floor in it but depending on the manufacturer they may have a PE Floor.