Tentworld Outback 12V DC 130W Portable Oven

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The brand new Tentworld Outback 12V Portable Oven gives you the freedom to eat anything your heart desires, anywhere you have 12V power.


Ever returned home from a hard day's work to the delectable aroma of a home-cooked meal? Home-baked cookies? What about sticky BBQ ribs? 

Imagine those same glorious, mouth-watering flavours, but available anywhere, anytime. 

The brand new Tentworld Outback 12V Portable Oven gives you the freedom to eat anything your heart desires, anywhere you have 12V power. Perfect for truck drivers, tradies, campers or the travelling chef, this little Portable Oven will have you drooling in no time. With temperature controls up to 180°C, you can bake anything from a servo pie to the world best Pavlova. 

Each Oven comes with both a 12V cig adaptor and Anderson plug, so you can cook on the go whilst touring around Outback Australia. It has a countdown timer of up to 2 hours so you can set and forget that Sunday roast. 

Unlike other portable ovens on the market, which don't insulate the door, the Outback Portable Oven is completely insulated throughout. This allows for a more even temperature throughout and helps prevent heating up your vehicle, it also allows the oven to remain cool to touch. Stainless steel construction and the heavy-duty door latch is perfect for 4x4ing, and we have even included mounting brackets so you can fit it into your vehicle. 

The following stainless steel cooking trays will fit the Tentworld Outback Oven if you are looking for more flexibility in your cooking.

Kaon Full Height 12V Oven Tray
Kaon Half Height 12V Oven Tray
Road Chef Genuine Oven Tray


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Reheat, bake or roast up to 180°C
  • 2 removable shelves
  • Secure door latch - keeps the door closed in the roughest conditions
  • 15A inline fuse
  • Fully insulated housing
  • Insulated door - helps keep heat in, and your oven performing efficiently
  • Oven door vents - helps moisture from your meals escape, so you get to keep the crunch
  • Adjustable timer with audible alarm
  • 130 Watt cooking power
  • Includes 50amp Anderson style adapter (recommended for optimal performance) as well as 50amp Anderson to Ciga adapter 
  • 2 mounting brackets included


Download the Tentworld Outback 12V DC 130W Portable Oven PDF Manual

Model: 150240
UPC/ISBN: 9358634000004

Temperature Range: up to 180°C

Current: 10.8A

Internal Dimensions: 268mm W x 98mm H x 252mm D

External Dimensions: 324mm W x 188mm H x 275mm D

Oven Timer: 1-120 minutes

Fuse Rating: 15A

Insulation: Fibreglass

Material: Stainless Steel

Cable Length: 115cm (plus 37cm for Cig adaptor attachment)

Key points to remember when using a 12V oven

  • PreWarming is slower than your home oven, 12v ovens heat faster when the voltage is higher.  IE - when car & alternator is running, voltage is usually 13.8V. 
  • Oven is not fan forced, so cook times are slower than a fan forced oven. 

  • Cig Plug is under max load to do this job in a perfect situation. Some cars factory cig sockets arent up for the job (not fault of oven). 

  • For best performance always use the anderson plug.


The Tentworld Portable 12V Oven is covered by a 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty against defects. 

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